The sophisticated New Zealand chocolate produced in Devonport continues to satisfy consumer demand

The sophisticated New Zealand chocolate produced in Devonport continues to satisfy consumer demand.

As a pioneer in the New Zealand chocolate industry since 1991, Devonport Chocolates is responsible for elevating the industry with its use of premium materials, original recipes, and extensive flavour profiles. Sarah Gardner, the company’s owner, has said that despite the difficulties her company and other whnau and small businesses face, they keep coming up with creative solutions.

Just what is it that Devonport Chocolates does?

By our efforts, happy times are made! Our chocolates are the best in New Zealand, and we make them by hand.

In what ways did you hope to benefit from launching this company?

We’ve been around for a while! In business for over 30 years, our chocolates are both beautiful and delicious. We launched our company in response to a need for high-end chocolates made in New Zealand. We understood that Kiwis would appreciate a premium chocolate bar that could be enjoyed solo, in small or large quantities, or as a thoughtful token of appreciation for a friend or family member.

Please list your best-selling items.

Lots of them, actually. Our salted caramel chocolate from the Hauraki sea is the ultimate indulgence. Both international visitors and locals love our Manuka Honey and almond chocolate bar, and everyone raves about our chocolate truffle slices.

Twenty-two people are employed between our Queens Arcade and Devonport locations in Auckland, as well as our chocolate kitchen and online team. We are blessed with a top-notch crew that is both highly skilled and committed to providing excellent service to our clientele.

Where does your current concentration lie?

In addition to preparing for Valentine’s Day, we are also working hard on our innovative Easter collection for 2023, and we are still committed to helping out local New Zealand companies and our international clients in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Woah, we have been very active!

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For you, what is the most difficult thing right now?

There is a lot of upheaval, discord, and anxiety about the future in today’s world. All businesses and households in New Zealand face similar difficulties, including rising prices, shifting global markets, and a dearth of qualified workers. Nonetheless, we are dead set on keeping up our fantastic chocolate production, bolstering our staff and local community, and expanding our knowledge as we go.

From what countries do you import your chocolate and other ingredients?

From what countries do you import your chocolate and other ingredients?

It is a point of pride for us to source as much as possible from within the community. We have always placed a premium on using New Zealand exports because we are confident in their status as industry leaders. Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, cannot be grown in New Zealand due to the climate, so we import only the finest European chocolate. Nonetheless, we are investigating local chocolate production and possible cacao farming in the future. There will be updates provided.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

We have a lot of great ideas and plans for the future. In addition to expanding our local retail footprint, we are exploring options on a global scale. However, we will continue to put a premium on providing excellent service to our customers, setting ourselves challenging goals, and producing the most delicious chocolates possible.

Could you share any words of wisdom with those who are contemplating launching their own company?

An amazing adventure awaits you. Focus on your goals, surround yourself with amazing people, don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek clarification, and remember to have fun.

Daniel Harrison

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