What Is A DNC Checker & How To Choose A Good One

What Is A DNC Checker & How To Choose A Good One

Telemarketing is still very much alive, although a lot of people frown on the mere mention of the word. That, of course, doesn’t mean you should abandon this strategy and move on to different ones, because there are still plenty of individuals who will make a purchase after getting such calls. It just means that you need to be careful who you’re calling, because not everyone will be quite appreciative of it.

Leaving people alone and respecting their boundaries when they want you to is a way towards building trust. Not giving a hoot about what they think and badgering them with calls they don’t want is definitely not the best strategy. How will you, however, know which people to call and which ones to leave be? Well, there’s a little something called the “Do Not Call” list that you need to be in compliance with, so learn more about it before making any telemarketing moves.

So, it’s clear that there is a DNC list you need to follow and be compliant with, but this still doesn’t answer your question of how to actually know which people want you to stop phoning them. In other words, you don’t know who is on that list and who isn’t, and checking everything manually could be quite time consuming and frustrating. Is there a solution to such an issue, though?

What Is A DNC Checker?

Fortunately for you, and for every telemarketer for that matter, there is a solution to this issue, and it is called a DNC checker. You’ve most likely heard of this already, but you don’t quite know what it is, and that has to change. When you get familiar with this tool, you’ll realize that you probably won’t be able to go on without it, as it can be extremely helpful in your telemarketing strategy and endeavors.

A DNC checker is, in short, a tool, or a platform if you will, that allows you to remove and flag people’s phone numbers after cross-referencing them with the federal and state DNC registries. It doesn’t stop with phone numbers, though. There are registries of people who don’t want to be phoned, texted, e-mailed or mailed. And, a tool like this will help you easily check all of those registries, and thus stay in compliance with the CASL, CAN-SPAM, and TCPA regulations.

Here’s more on the DNC registry: https://www.cea.gov.sg/news-publications/ceanergy-blog/tools-takeaways/check-the-do-not-call-registry-before-sending-marketing-messages

What Is A DNC Checker

How To Choose A Good One?

Not all of these tools will be accurate, though, which is why you have to be extra careful when choosing the best one for your company. If you don’t want your telemarketing efforts to be in vain, you’ll have to only contact those people that don’t have anything against you contacting them, and that’s why accuracy is important with these tools. Choosing wisely is a must, so here’s how to do it.

  1. Create A List Of Potential Ones

Choosing the best option begins with finding numerous different ones, and then slowly narrowing down the list you’ve created. Creating the list shouldn’t be difficult, since you’ll find a lot of companies offering DNC checkers with just a couple of clicks. Feel free to add as many of those as you want to your list in the beginning, because the more research you do, the higher your chances of choosing the best solution.

  1. Compare Their Features & Check The Registries They Cross-Reference Against

Creating the list is step one. You’ll have to take a few more significant ones, though, so as to figure out which DNC solutions are right for you. Naturally, choosing at random isn’t the smartest move, which is why you have to know how to research the checkers you’ve found and what to pay attention to prior to choosing.

Unsurprisingly, comparing the features should be number one on your list of researching steps. Find out which DNC checker tools cross reference against which registries, and determine if those meet your specific needs. Doing these comparisons could take a while, but it’ll be worth it, because it will lead you to choosing the best tool and thus being in compliance with all the rules.

  1. Research The Providers As Well

The providers offering the DNC checkers will also have a say in their quality. Thus, you have to spend some time researching the providers too – checking their experience, their reputation and basically anything else you think important. The bottom line is that you should choose a reliable provider.

  1. Check The Pricing Plans

All the providers will have different pricing plans to offer for their DNC checkers. While focusing solely on those isn’t the best move, you shouldn’t take them for granted either. You want to get a tool the pricing plan of which will fit in with your budget, and the quality of which will be amazing.

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