January 2023’s Top Tax Apps

January 2023's Top Tax Apps

You can input data directly from your smartphone and file your tax return more easily with a tax app. The majority of tax-filing apps also offer direct uploads, useful advice, and support from tax professionals.

Despite the fact that you have the option to use conventional tax software in its place, a mobile app can be all you need to file your taxes and cross them off your to-do list. Here are our top selections for the most useful tax apps for 2023 to assist you in filing your tax return. As of January 25, 2023, prices and other information are correct.



We examined the tax-related mobile apps from six well-known online software developers: Cash App Taxes, TurboTax, TaxSlayer, H&R Block, TaxAct Express, and Liberty Tax. We whittled down our list to four finalists whose apps offer the best features and alternatives.

The four options were then reviewed by members of our research team, who graded each one according to how well it performed in the following categories: ease of use, reliability, pricing, and free filing options. Our ultimate ranking was based on the scores.

Although there are tax filing apps available, you may want to consider hiring a certified public accountant if your tax return is complicated, such as a partnership or corporate tax return (CPA).


What Is a Mobile Tax App?

What Is a Mobile Tax App?

Installing a mobile tax app on your phone, tablet, or other electronic device will enable you to complete and submit your federal and state tax returns using that device.

The majority of tax apps allow you to instantly import tax documents from your smartphone and offer filing assistance. Tax apps typically have a user-friendly interface and provide a guided question-and-answer format to aid with filing appropriately.

A straightforward tax return can be filed for free using tax applications.

Who Can Use a Mobile App to File Taxes?

The majority of individuals and small company owners may file their returns using mobile tax apps. The apps work best for people whose taxes are rather simple, sometimes including only one W-2 and few deductions. However, you should use online tax software or even employ a tax expert if you have a sophisticated return, such a partnership or corporation tax return.

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Additionally, if you need to file multiple state tax returns, you might want to forego utilising a mobile tax app. The Cash Program is one tax app that prevents you from filing several state forms.

How Does a Tax Mobile App Operate?

Similar to desktop or online tax software, mobile tax apps function similarly. However, tax apps are often utilised from mobile devices, like your smartphone, so everything will be displayed on a small screen for you to observe.

While each tax app may be different, the majority will let you manually enter data or directly upload your tax forms from your mobile device. You are provided with useful tools and advice to prepare an appropriate tax return as you enter your information. The software will provide your anticipated tax refund or the potential amount you owe after everything is finished. You have two options for filing your return: either electronically through the tax app, or traditionally by printing out a paper copy and mailing it to the IRS.

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