Changes in Program Emphasis in Digital Technology and Design

Digital Technology and Design

INTERNATIONAL STATION AT JONESBORO – The new B.S. in digital technology and design programme at Arkansas State University allows students to specialise in a number of different areas. The programme equips students with a wide range of expertise, including design and programming principles, software, and project management.

The degree can be earned in a traditional classroom setting, entirely online, or through a combination of the two. The programme, which began online before making its way to campus last fall, was a joint effort between the Department of Art + Design in the College of Liberal Arts and Communication and the Griffin College of Business.

According to Mindy Fulcher, assistant professor and director of digital technology and design, “the online option is an accelerated programme consisting of seven-week terms, which could potentially lead to a student earning a bachelor’s degree in just two years.”

In addition to certificates in coding in Swift, she said, students can earn degrees in game design, virtual reality content creation, Android app development, and filmmaking. These credentials can be earned on their own or as extras to a bachelor’s degree.

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There are a total of six programme start dates per year, spanning the academic calendars for both the fall and spring semesters, as well as the summer session. For the March 6th beginning class, applications are due on February 20th.

According to Fulcher, the program’s wide range of concentrations that cover the most up-to-date technologies make it a promising alternative.

Artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing (CLOUD), cybersecurity (CYBER), game design (GD), mobile application development (APP), social media management (SMM), software design (SD), virtual reality (VR), and web development (WWW) are just some of the fields where graduates of the new degree programme can advance in their current jobs or start new ones.

Mobile app development is just one of many focus areas described in the program’s online description.

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